Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hip to be a Square

Back again! Here we are, after the successful breakfast episode, to come around to you, the reader (though as of yet, I have none... that's okay, this is for me) to give you the Tip to be a Square. Let's do this.

Ah, yes, so elegant, so charming! What a beautiful stone, and the color of the surrounding metal goes with it beautifully. This is obviously a necklace for a night out with a guy (or gal) just as charming as you are with this striking piece! And I can suck up, because I think it's really pretty, =P. This photo I found at

But square isn't only elegant. It can be comfortable too, like this dress from

I mean, I can see someone using this as a pillowcase, but the pattern is relaxing and soft, allowing for many options for accessories, like a solid color cardigan or a belt for a different look. The versatility of both the style and the fabric itself make me love where this is going.

Ooh, chilly. Winter's coming on, hidden in the eaves of autumn. Let's stay warm with this:

The variegated yarn could be replaced with a solid color, perhaps a dark grey or any solid color.

Want to show a bit of your style, giraffe lovers? I'm on your side:
Of course, this is good for the square pattern, too, as well as the bright yellow, which is perfectly acceptable to me. Messenger bag, ahoy! (

That sums up this episode of Soul Staples. And always remember; if you like squares that much, do what this fellow did...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Breakfast Boutique

This is my first post, and I thought I would share some things that I find interesting circumnavigating around the theme of... wait for it... breakfast foods! Yay! Mmm, breakfast. Most important word of the day.

Here we have a waffle ring! It looks delicious, doesn't it? I got this image off of

And how about this carnivorous version of breakfast? I mean, the wheat toast and the orange juice help, i suppose, but two meat options, plus egg, which pretty much could be considered a third. I don't know who decided eggs were dairy. (

And did you know the breakfast style goes past jewelry?

Note: I said style, and not fashion. It's like saying culture, but not positive influence. But it is a style of dress. Breakfast dress. (

Breakfast dress?
Where have I seen that before? Oh yes...

A new look at breakfast on the go. Here I can only imagine that the place to wear this would be during a slaughterhouse photo shoot, but I'm not judging. Or, maybe I am, because that dress is made from real bacon. I wouldn’t want to sit down anywhere, or be around dogs, or go outside, um, ever.

Whatever the instance, it seems our post-postmodern attitudes have spawns some delicious morning meal wear.

Oh, and kiddies, don’t forget there are outfits for your pets:

(Just Kidding.)