Friday, November 12, 2010

News on Newsies

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Newsie fashion making a comeback!

Yes, that's right, the newsie. Does anyone just sit around and give the newsies their dues? Well luckily, I'm here to do just that!

Let's start the ball rolling with this, from

This newsie vest also comes in a cream/tan combo, which is just as great as this one, but I just like the deep chocolate of this one. I want one so, so bad... someday.

And while the next piece doesn't need to be checkered, I thought it added some pizazz: will sell you these checkered bottoms that, while they aren't totally newsie-esque, they are still fantastic and would be a staple in any girl's newsie dreamwear.

Hat's off to the next photo from

So the picture's small, I'm sure you noticed. Anyway, it's a great cap that also comes in black. All newsies had headgear much like this, and it's always nice to add some stuff for the guys in here.

The next is a number i found at

Center focus: the neckerchief. Why not? You don't need to wear it with the long sleeved shirt, but go for it. Neckerchiefs kept style in the news.

And if you really want to be a newsie:

I'm sure someone will hire you. Sure.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Arab Fab

When some people hear Arab, they hear it through years of stereotype and hateful ways, but the fact of the matter is, the Arab I'm talking about when I say it isn't this sort of stereotype. It focuses on some of the oldest art, religion and mythologies on the planet, tales that make the mind swim with untapped imagination... but I digress.

This blog focuses on one aspect, and that is fashion, or at least, what I consider fashion to be. For instance, check this hair comb from

This comb is made in the Algerian style, looking back on some of the oldest styles they've got, and it's gorgeously crafted from high end material for the best look. Pretty snazzy, right?

And let's address the topic of dress:

At you can find this dress. It is fashioned after a Libyan style, and boasts great colors and a cute cut and pattern.

Let's take a trip to Oman:

Oman earrings, found at, have a great pattern which reflects the artwork of the geographical area. They had this deal that they weren't to paint or sculpt objects or people. You know what that leaves? Patterns. You can see it in most of the artwork and almost all of the architecture if you give it a good look.

Check out this pattern on this shirt:

Check it out at This Moroccan tank costs $99, pretty pricey, but it give you a look into the patterns and styles that would work if you want to pull off a look like this.

And you can get ideas from this:

The raqs sharqi dance is phantasmal. And check their skirts! Sweet.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Viva le Fleur!

Flowers are pretty, at least most of them, and smell good... at least... most of... them. Right. The point is, when you see a flower pattern, you normally are repulsed, because it's too much all at once, and no one can stand it. But we must remember that the floral way doesn't have to be bad.

For example, look at these:

These heels can be found at for $130, which is a little pricey, but they are made of leather and look pretty classy. Black goes with everything. Plus, the flower has the zipper edge to it that makes it look awesome.

Let's bring back the brooch! has them, and they are cute. This doesn't have to be your grandmother's brooch. There are many a-brooch that you can try to give a bit of a sparkle in the corner of your eye. Or on your lapel. Fun word.

This bag has the same kind of decent floral shape without being crazy, like the shoes:

This satin handbag, from, also comes in red, light green, lavender and cream. I like this one because silver is my new black.

Let's put some clothes in with these accessories: offers a dress with a hint of a floral pattern. The colors are great, and you could also look into the necklace she has. I like that too.

And, as I do now and again, here's something for your pet:

Doesn't look too happy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seeing the Light

You know what's really fun? Things that light up. You know what's really really fun? Light up outfits. That's right, clothes and accessories that shine like the stars themselves. And it's surprisingly easy to glisten and gleam.

This first item is awesome x2, and I don't mean because there are two of them in the photo: offers this shirt that is awesome because it lights up, and it lights up with either the Autobot or the Decepticon logos! YES! Plus, I feel like I deserve some credit for finding a photo that actually lights up when I post it. Awesome.

This I saw on a television special and found a photo of on

Yes oh yes, a belt buckle, the LED that screams geek chic. Make any outfit say what you really want. And the thing is, you can get these buckles in practically any color and with any saying, so don't feel restricted by this geek one that speaks to me personally.

I chose this picture because of the Converse:

At least they look like Converse sneakers. Close enough. At you can get these fluorescent laces to light up the night. This is the more grown up (sort of, anyway) alternative to light up shoes. Everybody wants to make a flash, and this way, you can do it and still be awesome.

Then we have this necklace from

While it's not extremely expensive or even that attractive, it is flashy, and the shape and color can change as well. I, in fact, have a necklace like this that says HULK and glows green. Got it from a publicity stunt. Moving on... you put it with any casual outfit and light up some conversation.

Just, please, think twice before you pull this Ke$ha move:

Ke$ha, a little over the top or what? You don't have the backing to pull this on SNL.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fire Fandango

Fires are both one of the most destructive and one of the most cleansing things ever, second only to water itself. That means there are a lot of options... not only can your style reflect fire, but it can reflect fire prevention, the feeling of flames, the colors that range from deep red to almost invisible blue... It's such a way to go.

Why don't we hit on that prevention I spoke of, and give the guys a chance to live it up: offers cuff links with fire extinguishers on them! Great, right? One of my friends, a volunteer firefighter, could wear these. If he wanted. I don't think he would, but the point is, fireman are awesome, and while they don't need their fashion to make that apparent, that option is available.

But women can be there too, saving cats from trees and tenement houses from meeting its maker, dust to dust. While this doesn't express fire prevention, it does have a great look:

This bracelet from is like nothing I've seen before. It's so interesting and unique that I had to share it with you guys. The color of the beads is where the fire symbolism came from. Look at the design of this jewelry!

Maybe you want the look of fire that can go with more looks:

These earrings cover that base. The pattern is great, and I like squared earrings, because you don't see them that often.

This shirt from was a unique find, as well:

The reason I chose this shirt was because the pattern on it looked like partially burned match sticks. Do you see it? Also, I like the high collar, and they should be brought back.

Oh and hey, if you want to look awesome any time, just have this guy walk around, celebrating you. You'll be a hit!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grecian Earnest

While the Greeks were never historically good at warfare, they did top the charts with astronomy, art, and yes, fashion. To celebrate the fact that they spent more time getting dressed than fighting off the Romans or Turks, I give you today's blog.

We'll start off with lovely earrings I found at

These coin earrings are only $3.99, can you believe it? Obviously not real gold, but still, they have such a flair about them that you can't help but look stunning.

Another big ticket item for their dress was to have the right accessories: offers this costume cuff, but so what if it is costume jewelry? No one has to know, and besides, it's not garish or gaudy. It gives the right amount of Greek chic for a low price.

You're headed in the right direction, but is your head in the right direction?

Get this leafy headband, also in gold, from It gives it a Greek goddess feel, enough to make you look jazzy and fun, but also serious and fashionable.

And of course, we have to add a dress, because there are so many to choose from: offers this gorgeous photo of Hayden P. wearing a lovely gown.

There are many different things in this genre, enough for everyone, so definitely look around, see what there is for you!

Ptolemy agrees: Dress the part!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sheer Bliss

Sheer has a bad reputation for being inappropriate, and if you aren't careful with what you're searching, you may stumble across the reasons why (yikes). However, today I come to you to let you see that while so many see burlesque, I see an opportunity. Take something so spicy and turn it sweet, and you get some gentle, elegant and tender looks.

We'll start with a look at an evening gown from New York Dress, found on

This style is in olive, and isn't it something? It's very pretty, and the layered sheer fabric gives it a look that gives the reputation a runaround.

Another way to give sheer a better look is by letting it cover a part of you that wouldn't be seen as offensive:

I mean hands, as you've found. These gloves from are the height of fashion and they aren't offensive whatsoever. In fact, the bow is appropriate for many situations.

Another non-offensive place to put it would be the feet: gives us the sheer open-toed lace up spikes that, due to their sheer quality, give it the appearance and feel of quality footwear. You could wear them with footless stockings to give it a complete coverage that still allows your piggies to peek through.

How about a "top-o'-the-morning" to this, from

Pretty awesome.

Yeah, I'm bringing back the look that's been reserved for the less moral things in the world. You should give them another chance and check them out yourself...

Just be careful what you type...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Berry Extraordinary

Strawberries are a power fruit, with great symbolism, flavor, and health benefits. They are second only to lemons. At least for me. Anyway, a lot of people love the sweet satisfaction won by having strawberries at hand.

We will start with a walk through strawberry fields (forever): offers a set of ballet slip-on sneaks with a fruity pattern. The color, bright and inviting, will add a little spark to your step.

You could also give a strawberry shake in this Juicy dress:

Found at, this dress has a jumper feel that makes it fun and flirty, and you could wear it almost anywhere, from picnics to parties to dinner with the parents.

Worried your hair is on the fly, or maybe you want to spruce up the style subtly? Try this on for size:

Find this cute strawberry silk scarf at The bright color and fun pattern are lively and unique, just like you!

But maybe you have a problem with the strawberry color:

No worries, here is a headband with all the love and beauty of strawberries, but without the flash of red. This can go with more glitzy outfits, and match with other silver jewelry, or dress it down with other strawberry clothes without making either look gaudy.

What a fun treat they are. You can even take their love with you to the kitchen.

But wouldn't you always want to make strawberry shortcake, cupcakes, or pie?

Who cares? Let's do it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pinstripe Party

Wide stripes? Nah. Try the classy and eternal look of pinstripes! So lovely, so memorable, so versatile, and the great thing is, they don't look over the top like many striped things can if seen in large quantities. Moving on.

Let's start out with this find from

This wool cashmere skirt is classy and will spice up your look all on its own. See, I really like grey, and I really like pinstripes, and the bow? Cute as kitties.

Want something to give the world a clear look into how B.A. you look? Go for this:

At, you can get a look at this pinstripe trilby hat, with a great black paisley band to give the same old look a bit of flair. I love this hat, the sparkle, the whole thing.

And why don't you check out this shirt from

I think this is so cute! The particular colors in this shirt are elegant and sweet, like shirt candy. I also like the buttons. Check it out for a better look. And the high neck gives it a regal feel that sweetens the deal!

To get all of these looks, you need a bit of money, of course, but don't worry, you can have this to carry it in, from

This Parisian Pinstripe Clutch is a one of a kind, like all things that Hollis Eames does. He has others to choose from, too, which are great, so give them a look! This one specifically, I like a lot, because of the sweet folded fabric and the pricey-looking pin, which made it look more expensive than it actually is.

Remember, you don't have to wear pinstripe to enjoy it... it's a common pattern in furniture.

But hey, who says you can't wear your living room? Carol Burnett wore that curtain dress, right? They have it on display at the American History Museum in DC.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gamer Glam

I went with nerd, and now we are arriving at gamer. Gamers are a major subculture, to the extent that everyone knows a gamer or is one themselves. Yea, it's that out there. It's cool though, because these games I've brought to you are the vintage ones, the games that were the starting gate for all the games that gamers love today. Who doesn't appreciate the significance of games like Pacman?

Here's a great necklace from (not the most attractive address). It doesn't have the flash and colors of the game itself, but it has more of an immortal feel when made out of metal, chain and faux pearls. The best part for me? It says MUNCH. Hahaha.... yea.

Blast off! You're a kid who had dreams about being an astronaut. While that didn't work out for you (I make judgments because you're reading this blog) you still had the opportunity to play a game that made you feel like one:

Yes, that's right. Asteroids. Want this awesome Rock Star tee? Go to and pick one up. I love this, a classic for me, and anyone can enjoy it.

Of course I have to mention Mario. Who doesn't add Mario to the list of great vintage games? But I'm not going to bore you with overdone red M hats. Instead, I'll bore you with red mushroom hats. Or, to keep with the mushroom theme, a mushroom cap: offers this great hat. Absolutely perfect, right? What a wonder.

And every time I think of my old Gameboy games, I think of not only Mario, but Tetris: says Game Over, but you can't lose with a great geeky bangle that everyone will love. The color and style of Tetris means that this gem will thrill the masses and never go out of style.

There are a lot of great things out there with this sort of theme, with a great variety of items, clothes, and references to other games, like Metroid. It's definitely worth further investigation.

Just remember, it's only a game...